Nevada Outdoor Business Coalition Improves Public Lands, Outdoor Recreation Industry

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As Northern Nevada continues to set records on new business growth, it’s also seeing an impressive increase in the interest in of the lands that wrap around its sprawling neighborhoods.


We can thank REI, Patagonia, and many other Nevada-based recreation-focused industries for their recent advancements and collaboration to ensure our lands are protected while the business of recreation continues to show impressive results.

In a recent article in Northern Nevada Business View it noted: “… according to the Outdoor Industry Association, the rec industry is an economic powerhouse for the Silver State, spawning a growing number of jobs, consumer spending and tax revenue.”

The story continued to share some impressive statistics that our state’s outdoor recreation industry “generates 87,000 jobs — trailing only gaming and healthcare — and $12.6 billion annually in consumer spending, according to the OIA. That's $2 billion more in economic output and nearly 50,000 more jobs than the Silver State's mining industry.”

For those of us who live and work in Incline Village, NV, we are keenly aware of the endless amount of recreation options not only here at Lake Tahoe, yet throughout the High Sierra.   Just a short scenic drive from our business office on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore one can literally enjoy hundreds of miles of hiking, biking, and ski terrain – and so much more.

This past month, on National Public Lands Day, a group of recreation-focused businesses decided it was time to gather their resources to ensure what we enjoy on a daily basis is protected far into the future.  They formed the new Nevada Outdoor Business Coalition (NVOBA) to advocate for initiatives “that improve and protect public lands and waters.”

In late September, on National Public Lands Day, a group of Nevada businesses launched the newly formed Nevada Outdoor Business Coalition (NVOBC).

"We really want to have a singular business voice advocating and informing about what outdoor recreation means to us," said Meghan Wolf, one of eight business representatives who serve on the NVOBC Executive Committee, told the NNBV.

The group advocates for initiatives that improve Nevada's outdoor recreation economy and protect public lands and waters that support the industry, said Meghan Wolf, environmental activism manager at Patagonia.

"From a Patagonia perspective, we've been in Reno since '96 when we opened our global distribution center, and we've grown almost double-digits almost every year in the last two decades. And we think that's attributed to this outdoor recreation economy — people wanting to go into these parks, wilderness areas and conservation areas,” Wolf said.

Our team at Tahoe Time Plaza is naturally excited about any new organizations that come together to preserve our piece of paradise in Incline Village, as well as the state land – 85% of which is owned by the government.  That stat is every reason why Nevada has more public land than any other state in the USA.

"People can go out and hunt, fish, hike, camp without paying as many fees as you would in a state like Texas, for example, that's predominantly private land — people have to pay to hunt there," Wolf said.

"There's a growing population that wants this kind of access, and that's supported our business. The outdoor recreation has grown and we've felt and benefited from that growth."

As we continue to see interest from businesses all over the West seeking corporate business office space in Nevada, we are just as glad to see the businesses who appreciate our natural resources join forces to protect and enhance the recreation assets that come with the privilege of living in Lake Tahoe.



For more details, we encourage you to visit their website at

Zooming in on Northern Nevada, Wolf said Washoe and Douglas counties — "which continue to develop pretty rapidly" — are areas the coalition is focused on protecting and creating spaces for recreation.

The article then touted our healthy neighbors noting that “greater Reno area's access to the great outdoors is a reason why many people or businesses decide to stay or move to the region, she added. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, 57 percent of Nevada residents participate in outdoor recreation each year…What's more, Nevada residents are more likely to participate in day hiking and backpacking than the average American.”

We certainly appreciate the efforts of the new coalition that has set a goal to have 100 active members by the end of the year.

For more details, we encourage you to visit their website at

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