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In a surprise appearance last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook arrived in Reno for the official ground-breaking of its new shipping and receiving warehouse in Reno.   Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval joined in the festivities to welcome this tech-giant to Northern Nevada.

As you can imagine, the business communities throughout the Reno/Tahoe area are ecstatic that a company like Apple chose our home base as their own.  And they are not alone.  Every week at our corporate office space in Lake Tahoe we hear about companies like Apple deciding to more their operation, or expand their operation, to the region.

"Apple is a success that could only have happened in America," said Tim Cook who added that he is pleased to be part of "transforming downtown Reno to the vibrant city it should be."

Throughout the presentation, we also heard about Apple’s plans to continue to grow their operation in Reno within the next five years – noting their plan to build a corporate campus – all of which is part of their quest to make at $350 billion commitment to business development in America.  

This commitment includes their expansion of their existing operation just outside of Reno in the bourgeoning Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center.

According to Mike Foulkes, a representative for Apple, “buying the land is a key part of Apple's investment strategy in Northern Nevada.”

For this particular project, Apple expects to hire 100 full-time employees and approximately 300 additional staff in temporary construction jobs.

On behalf of our entire team at Tahoe Time Plaza, we send out a warm welcome to our new neighbors from Apple, and we look forward to rolling out the welcome mat for many more companies who are expected to move to the Reno/Lake Tahoe area.

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