Free Tips On Finding the Perfect Business Location at Lake Tahoe

Free Tips On Finding the Perfect Business Location at Lake Tahoe

There’s something about living and working at Lake Tahoe that may seem like a dream to some yet is actually a reality for thousands of successful businesses.  Thanks to technology and the ability to truly have a virtual office from anywhere on the planet, it can be done.  And due to the recent challenges in the real estate market, there are some excellent values on the market for office space or commercial space at Lake Tahoe.  To help you get started on fulfilling that dream, read on.

 Free Tips for Finding the Perfect Business Location

Check out the state’s tax advantages: When searching for the most ideal location, be sure to start in the state of Nevada.  As examples: No corporate income tax; no personal income tax; no franchise tax and more.

Seek a resort environment:  If you have really set your goal to ‘live the dream’, why not live in a community that offers year-round recreation and all the services you need to survive day-in and day-out?  Incline Village, Nevada, on Tahoe’s north shore, is well known as one of Nevada’s most ideal communities as it owns and operates all of the play toys any member of your family may enjoy.  For the full scoop, click here on the town’s website.

Take advantage of the real estate market:   It’s no secret that real estate prices around the nation are ripe pickin’ for any investor.  What used to be a five square mile community of million dollar homes is now a community with the same spectacular lake view homes at prices that are a bit more reasonable for the buyer.  For a complete review of today’s real estate offerings in Incline Village and around Lake Tahoe, visit Chase International.

Start your search now.  If your aspirations include a mantra to ‘work to live’ instead of ‘live to work’, what are you waiting for?  You can live the life that includes great business benefits wrapped with Mother Nature’s best offerings.  You just need to make the move.